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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Successful Skype Interview

Skype interviews are not anything new. They are generally used early in the hiring process. For example, the first interview stage can be conducted via Skype interview. More and more companies are utilising them these days. Video calls are beneficial because of convenience, cost savings, and to reach people in remote areas.

Skype interviews are a fantastic opportunity to make a great first impression. So, what are the best practices for a Skype interview? We have outlined the essential information you need to know for a successful Skype interview.

Preparing for a Skype Interview

Check Display Name the first thing the interviewer will see is your Skype display name. Just like your email account, it is important to have a professional Skype display name. A simple Lastname_Firstname will suffice. If this is not available, try and keep it as simple as possible so no mistakes can be made.

Set the Scene The webcam gives a small view of you and your location. But this is enough for the interviewer to make a quick judgement about you as a person. Remember to clear your desk of clutter and tidy the room you are interviewing in. Having a clean scene sends the message that you are organised and professional. Ensure you have a clean back drop so the interviewer focuses on you and not distracting interior. A blank, white wall behind you would be ideal. If this is not possible, think of an attractive background you could use. Whether it’s a bookcase or warm colours. If there are posters behind you, take them down.

Check the Lighting Due to the way camera optics capture images, lighting can play a large role in how you are seen on screen. Make sure that your lighting is coming from in front of you and not behind. If the light comes from behind you, it can create a strange silhouette around you making it hard to see your face. Soft natural lighting is the way to go.

Warn everyone in the Household about the Skype Interview Make sure to tell the people you live with about the Skype interview. Let them know when it will take place and where you are going to be interviewing. Hopefully this will prevent unwanted noise and interruptions.

Research the Company just like with any interview, make sure you do your homework on the company. Understand industry trends, their needs, and how you can help solve their problems. You should prepare for a Skype interview as you would do a normal interview.

Dress Professionally what should you wear to a Skype interview? Although you will be conducting the interview from the comfort of your own home, be sure you dress appropriately. Your attire is as important for a Skype interview as it would be for a normal interview. Make sure you are fully clothed! Just because the camera only captures the top half of your body, it does not mean you should only dress this part. You never know if you will have to get up to fix technical difficulties. Dress exactly as if you were going to an interview in person. Try to avoid bright colours or shiny jewellery as these could be distracting.

Practice Practice is essential to success. We advise you practice a couple of times before the Skype interview. If you can, practice a Skype interview with a friend. Email them a set of questions, practice your responses, and get feedback on how you can improve. You can also practice your body language. Movements like a firm nod, slight shoulder bend and eyes forward can all make you appear professional.


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