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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

It is always a bit exciting to start a new job so here is some advice on how to get through the first few days.

  1. Make sure you have had enough sleep

It sounds easy but a lot op people are sort of stressed for their new job. Most important thing is to make a good first impression and not to look tired on your first working day. So go to bed early and make sure you get enough sleep.

  1. Remember your colleagues names

When being introduced to your new colleagues, a good way to remember their names is to repeat them. If your colleagues name is for example James, then after you have said your name, you end the introduction by saying “nice meeting you James”. Apparently this can really help you with remembering.

  1. Stick to the dress code

Do some research about the dress code before you start your first working day. When having interviews at a company, absorb what is happening around you. Check what people are wearing. If you don’t have this information, always make sure you are overdressed and not under dressed.

  1. Write down questions

Of course you will have a lot of questions in the beginning. Instead of trying to remember them all, make sure you have a little notebook with you so you can write them down. On a quiet moment, go through the questions and decide (and write down) who might be able to answer them for you.

  1. Don’t miss out on lunches or other social events

The best way to get to know your colleagues is during lunchtime or any other social gathering. So ask around who is going to have lunch, at what time and where. Ask if you can join them and see what it will bring you.

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