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If your company is not using Instagram, then you’re missing out on the possibility of attracting hundreds of potential customers. Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing application, which allows users to share photos and videos. Over 600 million people currently have an Instagram account.

Having an Instagram account gives you the opportunity to show off what your establishment has to offer, such as the amazing food that your Chefs dish up.

But, how can you attract potential customers using Instagram?

1. Choose The Right Username Think carefully about what username you choose when signing up to Instagram. You want your company to appear in search results when customers search for you, therefore it’s ideal for you to use your establishment’s company name as the username.

2. Use Lots of #Hashtags Hashtags are things that people search for on Instagram in order to see photos tagged with that hashtag, for example, somebody may search for the hashtag #BrisbaneItalianRestaurant to find photos of an Italian restaurant in Brisbane.

You could make your own hashtag for certain days or dishes, such as #RestaurantSpecial.

3. Geo tag Your Photos Geo tagging photos that you upload is a great idea, because it allows customers to view where you’re located on the map, so if they like the look of your dishes- they know exactly where to go to find you!

4. Take Lots of Photos & Videos Instagram is all about photos and videos, you should be uploading daily photos, the more free marketing you get the better! Here are a few ideas on what you can take photos / videos of:

– Behind the scenes- customers like to see what goes on in the kitchen, as well as in the dining room.

– Appetizers – Desserts – Diners – Events

Make sure that it looks tidy in the background of your photos, otherwise you could put potential customers off from dining at your restaurants.

5. Edit Your Photos You want your photos to reflect your company in a positive light, and therefore need to have good-looking photos. Luckily with Instagram you have the ability to edit your photos by using a variety of different filters, from the swipe of your phone screen.

Think about the lighting– natural light is best for taking photos of food. Taking photos by a window is a good way of achieving good lighting.

6. Share Your Content Using Social Media With Instagram you can easily share photos to your other social accounts once you upload a photo. Customers may re-tweet or share your photos on Facebook or Twitter, giving your establishment more exposure!

7. Run Contests A good way to get people connected to your company is by running contests. It encourages people to engage with your establishment, whilst potentially winning something at the same time. Which benefits both of you. But what contests could you run?:

– Recipe submissions. Lucky winners could have their recipe featured for one week and get a voucher for a free meal. Create a new dish and encourage your Instagram followers to name the dish.

– Ask your customers to take photos of their food and upload it to Instagram using a hashtag.

– In your restaurant, add your Instagram username to your menu and add hashtags under menu items. This encourages your diners to use the appropriate hashtags.

– Encourage reviews.

This gives people a reason to enter your contest while getting the word out to help you draw a crowd.

8. Make A Strategy It will make it a lot easier for you to think of content ideas if you plan a strategy for what kind of photos to upload on each day of the week.

Here are a few ideas:

– Motivation Monday – Tuesday Tips – Wellness Wednesday – Throwback Thursday – Thirsty Thursday – Friday Funday – Social Saturday – Selfie Sunday

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